petrolio6Heute stellen wir euch mit Petrolio ein spannendes Dark Noise-Projekt aus Italien vor. Enrico Cearrato, der auch in anderen Bands in den Bereichen Metal (InfectionCode), Jazznoisepunk (Moksa) und Industrial (Gabbiainferno) aktiv ist, erschafft seit 2015 mit seinem Solo-Projekt Petrolio experimentelle Klanglandschaften aus pulsierenden Rhythmen und dunklen, verzerrten und verhallten Geräuschen. Vor einigen Wochen habe ich Soundtüftler Petrolio live auf dem Audiotrauma Festival erlebt – eine perfekt einhüllende Atmosphäre und ein absoluter Hörgenuss! „Sometimes noisy, sometimes sad, always dark.“

You started with Petrolio in 2015. How did the project come about?
Petrolio started as a joke. I was playing the bass in some bands and during this period I began to experiment with electronics. I bought some noise machines and synths; it was time to start Petrolio’s dark noise adventure.

If you had to put your music into a drawer and print a label on it, what would it say?
Open only if you’re able to meet the darkness living in you.

Forget about genres for a second – Petrolio’s music sounds like …?
A big factory building, loops of feelings and deep emotions.

Can you tell us something about your musical roots? Which person, artist or incident inspired you when you first started making music?
I come from extreme metal music and I played bass guitar for a long time, then I started to make some noises with synths and drum machines, I made industrial and ambient music. I could say that a theatre artist, a friend of mine, got me into experimental music when he asked me to compose some tracks for his live show and, as an example, he showed me Ulver’s “Perdition City”.

petrolio1How does your compositional process work?
I usually start with some sounds that I layer and then I add some distortions, working out the sounds I prefer in that moment. It’s an emotional and personal process, I don’t like to think too much but to follow my compositional inspiration.

Which sort of mood produces the best songs?
In my Petrolio experience if you can fall into a sort of “travel” into your heart, this is the best mood to produce good songs. When people at my live show enter in the same mood, or they live an emotional experience, this is the best feedback I can have about my songs.

Last year your official debut L+ES came out. Are you happy with the responses?
Yes a lot. After my first album Di Cosa Si Nasce I desired to have a different experience, like collaborations. So the L+Esistenze idea started: to bring together some different artistic existences, taking into my project six great artists. I’m very proud of this album, I like how it changes atmosphere from track to track. Sometimes noisy, sometimes sad, always dark.

What inspired your album?
If in my first album I made a work around the suburbs of my town, L+Es is a travel in my life, as you could see in my live shows, where some visuals are taken from my everyday life. I took you in my life, but you could find something about your life in this virtuality created by my music.

The album is released on the French Audio Trauma. How did the collaboration come about?
I kept in contact with Audiotrauma releases when I played with French rhythmic noise project Moaan Exis in some gigs in Italy; I started to follow them and I liked the way they choose and push their artists. I sent my new album to them, and these guys answered me they were interested to release my music dream became reality.

Which instrument will surely NEVER be heard on a PETROLIO -album?
This is not an easy question for me. I played bass guitar and didgeridoo in my first album and now I’m learning to play trumpet as I like the sound of it when it’s filtered. Maybe you’ll never hear guitars on my albums.

npetrolioCan you talk about your local music scene?
In Italy the interest into electronic and experimental music has a long tradition, but the scene is small; recently different artist started dark, ambient or postindustrial projects and some labels are interested in producing and spreading this music, like DioDrone or Toten Schwan Records.

Hope these little buds can grow strong and in the future feed an Italian way of experimental music.

What kind of music are you usually listening? 
I listen a lot of music coming from the bands I meet at my live gigs. As I do a lot of exchanges I have a lot of music I like to discover. At the moment I like to listen to my label mate Noire Antidote, my friend Bad Girl, some bands from DioDrone rooster or international acts as Holy Other, Royksopp, Mogway, Ulver and Ben Frost.

Imagine you can choose a movie and put your music in it as a soundtrack. Which one you will choose?
Probably “Rebels of the Neon God”, a Tsai Ming-Liang film, for its urban scenes that I like a lot. Hand cams and my music feeding these quick movements into Taipei shops and buildings.

What’s next? Gigs? Studio? Vacation? Something completely different?
Now I’m working on different collaborations. I finished some tracks with Japanese artist Yuko Araki, that will be released into a split with Italian artist WearandTear. I released three new songs for the Label “Brain Ticket Death” which is based in Detroit, and now I’m working for two other album collaborations with Instinct Primal and Snare Drum Exorcism. Then some gigs in Italy and abroad, some summer festivals and hopefully a lot of good Petrolio releases for the future.

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