ROX was founded six years ago. The musicians surrounding frontman John Rox hail from Brescia town. Thanks to the Dark Munich Festival  from April 30th to May 3rd, 2015 they are about to play in Munich. As a warm-up they have taken time to answer our questions:

Who is behind ROX?
John Rox: At the beginning the band was called John Rox. After the first album, The time hasn’t time, and, above all, with the second, Human Radioactivity, the band had success and, then, changed its name to ROX, thanks also to the singer and bass player Fabian, with whom I collaborated actively for the last few years, as well as on the latest album that will be soon available for the happiness of our fans and for the world of the Electro Rock Music.
To sum up, ROX consists of professional musicians, addicted to the real music. Not long ago we have officialised the reunion with my first singer, the famous Johnny Thyper of the band Neon Synthesis, who replaced Fabian. Behind the ROX project there is a lot of work, professionality and commitment, which allowed us during the last few years to become a focus in the electro music scene and to play on stages with important international artists such as Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Dope Stars Inc., Faderhead, Funker Vogt, Diary of Dreams etc.
Johnny Thyper: I’m a new member, I’m very selective, after the experience with Neon Synthesis, now in stand-by, I’ve received many proposals, especially from international bands, but none convinced me.Then I’ve listened to Human Radioactivity, and it seemed as if it had been written for my voice. I brought my own style into the band, singing in a Dandy fashion and philosophy, which is really appreciated by ROX. I can’t hide it, I am a decadent and romantic Dandy.

If you had to put your music into a drawer and print a label on it, what would it say?
John Rox
: „We give to the people the music they really want to listen to, not the one they only apparently want.“

In May 2015 you will visit Munich for the Dark Munich Festival. What do you know about Munich and the Bavarian audience?
John Rox
: We are glad to play at Dark Munich Festival, I hope that I can bring again some „music Made in Italy“ next year, with my other project, in which I participate, the Virtual Cage.
I know Germany very well and also its audience, I have a lot of beautiful memories of the tour that I went on many years ago in my first Official European Tribute band to Marylin Manson, The Goddamn Superstar. We toured around Germany and we played in famous locations, where artists like Marylin Manson, Rammstein and many others played. I am very happy to play in Germany again at an important festival like the DMF.
Johnny Thyper: This is my first time, I am a frontman with a refined taste. I hope to entertain the audience of the DMF, I love the German audience and its devotion to the underground bands. They don’t make any difference between the super bands and bands which play only for the love in music.

Have you ever visited the Bavarian capital? And if so, what stuck in your memory? Which sights or attractions would you like to see or can you recommend to your colleagues and visitors of DMF?
I don’t have particular memories, because when you’re on tour, you have not a lot of time to visit every location and town. Personally I hope to find and taste again the potato soup in a typical restaurant in Monaco.

What can we expect from your gig at DMF?
John Rox
: You should expect a set with a lot of elegance, seduction and groove. Our music is popular and addresses many different persons, from those who love house, trance, electro music to thos who love the most traditional rock and pop.
Johnny Thyper: I love the audience because they reward me and love this kind of music. I believe that we will enjoy and our emotional aspect will come out. I appreciate when I am able to bring a twinkle in the eyes of our fans and I have this in my memory forever.

What will be next for you: Tour? Recording? Time off? Or rather something completely different?
John Rox
: We already have two new studio albums, as I told, we have been working very hard these past few years. Personally I am very happy about the song „Social Lovers“, recorded with the singer of Kirlian Camera and Spectra Paris, Elena Alice Fossi, for which we have filmed a video in a famous Italian disco club, The Art Club Musical Theatre. I hope that it soon will be published in the best stores, so all of you can listen to it. More than this we started a worldwide collaboration with a great Italian DJ, Francesco Zeta. So in the ROX world there will be some delicious news, and we will also go on holiday.
Johnny Thyper: I already have ten new songs with a romantic style, that will make the heart of our fans really happy.

Thank you for the interview! Any final words you want to tell your fans in Bavaria?
John Rox
: The Electro Rock Dance ROX iswaiting for you at Dark Munich Festival! follow us on our official website.
Johnny Thyper: Thanks! See you at DMF
John Rox: Thanks to all of you and I want to close with my aphorism: „The truth is not for everyone and the false is for those who have the strength to follow it.“

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