HADA-肌_BWHada ist das experimentelle Musik-Projekt von Natasa Koumi (Gesang) und Babis Nikou (Instrumente) aus Athen, das 2018 ins Leben gerufen wurde. Nach dem Debüt Abrahadabra hat das Duo kürzlich sein neues Album In the heart of an endless winter veröffentlicht, das wieder eine magische Anziehungskraft entwickelt. Hada erkunden mit ihrer Musik dunkle und emotionale Klangspektren mit faszinierend melodischen und hypnotisierenden Momenten, die Natasas ätherischem Gesang eine wunderbare Bühne bieten. Die Veröffentlichungen machen Lust auf mehr und uns neugierig auf Hada! Sängerin Natasa hat unsere Fragen beantwortet.

Who is behind Hada? What made you decide to start the project?
In 2018 we started recording some ideas, more out of a need for self-expression. Sometimes even for fun. But, in the meantime, we realized that we were getting along very well and that, although our musical tastes differ, there are also several key common denominators. So, over time, these differences only served as an additional source of inspiration, mainly because of the mutual respect between us.

Can you tell us a few things about the connection between you two and your journey into the music?
As Ι said, mutual respect is the basis of our cooperation. Our connection is pure, strong and sincere and that is why we never go into anything half-heartedly.

If you had to describe your music in terms of not music… what would you say?
To be honest, we don’t feel very comfortable when it comes to describing our own music.

DSC_0251_HADA-__Natasa_Koumi_BlueWhat are you looking for in music?
The “revelation” and the joy of the moment. Engagement with music can be quite psychoanalytical and therapeutic, when the motivation is pure. Something that applies to life in general.

What is sound to you?
A manifestation of life.

What are your first musical memories? When did you first fall in love with sound?
My mother used to tell me that I started dancing before I could even walk. You see, there was always music in our home. I am worshipping it since then…

Which person, artist or incident inspired you when you first started making music?
I had an uncle, a loving uncle, just four years older than me. We had more like a brother-sister relationship. He taught me everything about music and he is the main reason I kept exploring it.

What is the most surprising record on your CD-/Vinyl-shelf?
The vinyl Yamasuki – Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki (1971). But it’s surprising only to those who don’t know me at all, I guess.

What impact do your surroundings have on your art?
Our surroundings have a catalytic effect on our art. But at the same time there is the serenity to understand that there is something beyond and above everyone and everything. This fact brings about the necessary balance within and without us. It is a really dangerous trap to believe that your work will change the world, especially if you have not made the slightest effort to improve yourself – first of all.


Cover Art für „In the heart of an endless winter“: @Aleksandra Waliszewska (Foto links)

Where does your inspiration for music come from? Which sort of mood produces the best song?
Faces, incidents, dreams, mental needs. There is no specific mood, nor theme. It’s more of a letting go and then, letting in thing. The universe holds the answers and all you have to do is reach out, in trust and faith.

Recently your album „In the heart of an endless winter“ came out. How does the birth of a new composition happen for you? How does your compositional process work?
Usually, Babis has an initial idea, a composition in the making, on which I later add vocal melodies and lyrics. But, sometimes, this process can occur in reverse as well.

How does the visual aspect relate to and reflect your music?
As we create the new tracks, the story – we want to tell – unfolds itself. Just like when you write a book. There’s a central idea, but the details reveal themselves along the way. The textures, the colours, the temperature. They reveal themselves slowly… Αnd that’s probably one of the most wonderful and addictive parts of making an album.

What’s next for you? What are you most looking forward to?
Inner peace. And creation. We have to be careful what we feed our souls with.

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