News: Tarchon Fist veröffentlichen Video zum neuen Album (Vö. 16.08.2019)

Tarchon Fist (Italien) haben am 28.06.2019 ihr Video zum melancholischen Song „My destiny (Epilogue)“ von ihrem kommenden Album Apocalypse auf YouTube veröffentlicht!

Die Band schreibt dazu auf ihrem YouTube-Kanal tarchonfistofficial:

Apocalypse the new album of Tarchon Fist (release 16 August 2019)
„My destiny” is the melancholic epilogue of this long story.
Man finds himself alone on the day of judgment.
No more tales, no more melodies to listen to, except the voices of angels and demons that continue to contend his soul.
After so much pain, just when the evil seems to be a memory, human nature starts its journey from scratch once again.
Nobody was born bad. Nobody good. If today you are a victim, tomorrow you could be a slaughterer.
For each end there is a new beginning. A new crossroads for our soul and our nature.
Over our consciousness… Another Apocalypse.“

Weitere Infos zu Tarchon Fist sind auf der Homepage des Labels und der Band zu finden:

by Alessandra “La Ruffiana” Zani

by Alessandra “La Ruffiana” Zani

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