Die in Barcelona lebende Künstlerin Carmilla Sioux erforscht mit ihrer Musik und ihren fesselnden DJ-Sets die experimentellen Gefilde der dunklen Elektronik und experimentiert am Rande verschiedener Genres mit tanzbarer und atmosphärischer Dunkelheit, die verzaubert. In unserem  Interview spricht Carmilla über Klang, Inspirationen und die Herangehensweise und Hintergründe ihres musikalischen Schaffens. 


Who is behind Carmilla Sioux?
Carmilla Sioux is the artistic pseudonym I use for my work as a DJ and producer. My real name is Raquel and I spent over a decade playing bass in various Post-Punk bands. However, it was during the pandemic, those somber times, that I decided to take a more electronic and solitary path. I chose the name Carmilla Sioux as a way to express my love for dark and electronic music, and it represents the creative persona I’ve developed for this aspect of my career. The name ‚Carmilla‘ is a nod to the first vampire character in gothic literature, which I find inspiring for its connection to the darker and more mysterious aspects of music and art.

When did music first become part of your life? When did you first fall in love with sound?
Music became a significant part of my life when I was around 10 years old. My father used to play rock and heavy metal CDs in the car when we went on trips. It was during those car rides that I first fell in love with sound, particularly the electric guitar and bass guitar. This early exposure sparked my interest, leading me to start taking guitar lessons at that young age.

If you had to describe your music in terms of not music … what would you say?
If I had to describe my music in terms of something other than music, I would say it’s like a journey through a moonlit forest shrouded in mist. It’s an immersive experience that takes the listener on a mysterious and atmospheric adventure, much like wandering through an enchanted, otherworldly landscape. My music aims to transport people to a realm where they can lose themselves in the sounds and emotions I create.


What are you looking for in music?
In music, I’m searching for a means of artistic expression that transcends words. I want to evoke deep emotions, take the listener on a journey, and create a connection between my music and their inner thoughts and feelings. I aim to explore the darker and more enigmatic aspects of sound, capturing the essence of my own experiences and emotions in the process. Ultimately, I’m looking for a way to communicate and share those emotions with others, forging a connection through the universal language of music.

What is sound to you?
Sound to me is a powerful and boundless form of art and expression. It’s a language that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. Sound is the medium through which emotions, memories, and experiences can be conveyed without the need for words. It’s a canvas on which I paint my thoughts and feelings, a tool for creating atmospheres, and a vehicle for taking listeners on journeys. Sound is, in essence, a magical and transformative force that allows me to communicate in a way that goes beyond the limitations of spoken language.

Which person, artist, or incident inspired you when you first started making music?
One of my greatest inspirations when I first started making music was Siouxsie Sioux, often regarded as the ‚Godmother of Goth.‘ She was a trailblazer in the realms of Post-Punk and Gothic music. Her unique style, musical innovation, and fearless approach to blending different genres left a profound impact on me. Siouxsie Sioux’s ability to create a distinct and unconventional sound resonated with me deeply. Her influence is a major reason why I chose the artistic surname ‚Sioux‘ and embarked on this musical journey. She epitomized the idea of pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional, and that spirit continues to inspire my work to this day.


What is the most surprising record on your CD-/Vinyl-shelf?
One of the most surprising records on my CD/Vinyl shelf would have to be Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‚Brandenburg Concertos.‘ It’s surprising because it’s from a completely different genre than what I typically create and perform. However, I find that by exploring music beyond my primary genres, such as classical music with works like the ‚Brandenburg Concertos,‘ I gain fresh insights and inspiration that I can incorporate into my own work. Music is a vast and diverse universe, and I believe that being open to different genres and artists, including classical masters like Bach, can lead to unexpected creative connections and ideas.

What impact do your surroundings have on your art?
My surroundings, living in Barcelona, have a significant impact on my art. The city’s unique combination of a vibrant urban environment, beautiful beaches, and nearby mountains has a profound influence on my creative process. When I’m immersed in the bustling cityscape, it often inspires me to create music with a dynamic and energetic edge. On the other hand, when I seek refuge from the traffic and urban noise pollution, I find solace and inspiration in the nearby mountains and the calming coast. The natural beauty of these surroundings offers me a space to recharge and reconnect with the more serene and organic elements of life. This contrast between the urban and the natural world deeply influences the dynamics and emotions in my music, providing a diverse range of inspirations to draw from.

Where does your inspiration for music come from? Which sort of mood produces the best song?
My inspiration for music comes from various sources, but it’s often rooted in the emotions and experiences that surround me. Everyday life, the people I encounter, and the natural world are all sources of inspiration. However, I’m particularly drawn to themes of witchcraft and the mystical. The best tracks tend to emerge when I’m in a contemplative or introspective mood, delving into the darker and more enigmatic aspects of life. These moments allow me to authentically translate those emotions into music, creating compositions that are both powerful and evocative.

How does the birth of a new composition happen for you?
The birth of a new composition for me is a somewhat organic process. It often begins with a spark of inspiration, which can come from various sources, such as personal experiences, the environment, or even specific emotions. Once that initial idea takes hold, I dive into a creative space, often starting with a melody, a chord progression, or a unique sound. I let the music evolve naturally, allowing it to take its own form. Sometimes, the composition process is more structured, with a clear concept in mind, but other times, it’s an exploration of sound and emotion. It’s during these moments of exploration that I often stumble upon the most unique and captivating elements in my music. Ultimately, the birth of a new composition is a journey of self-expression and discovery, and the final piece is a reflection of the emotions and experiences that inspired it.

Imagine you can choose a movie and put your music in it as a soundtrack. Which movie would you choose?
If I could choose a movie to feature my music as a soundtrack, I’d opt for a visually stunning and atmospheric film that complements the dark and immersive qualities of my tracks. A movie like ‚Pan’s Labyrinth‘ directed by Guillermo del Toro would be an excellent choice. The film’s blend of fantasy, darkness, and magic aligns well with the themes of witchcraft and alchemy that inspire my music. It would create a mesmerizing and emotionally resonant cinematic experience, enhancing the storytelling and bringing the audience deeper into the mystical world of the film.

How does the visual aspect relate to and reflect your music?
The visual aspect is an integral part of my music, and it serves as a way to enhance and complement the sonic experience. I often find that the moods and atmospheres I aim to create in my tracks have a strong visual component. When I’m composing, I envision a vivid and immersive landscape that aligns with the emotions and themes of the music.
Incorporating visual elements, whether it’s through album artwork, stage design, or accompanying visuals in live performances, allows me to offer the audience a complete and multisensory experience. The visuals reflect the dark, atmospheric, and often mystical qualities of my music, creating a deeper connection and understanding of the sonic journey I’m guiding them through. It’s a way to transport the audience into the same dreamlike and immersive world that my music inhabits.


How would you describe the world you are trying to create during your performances?
During my performances, I strive to create a world that is dark, atmospheric, and immersive. It’s a world where the boundaries between reality and the mystical blur, where the audience can lose themselves in the music and the emotions it conveys. The stage design, lighting, and visuals are carefully curated to transport the audience into this otherworldly realm.
In this world, there’s a sense of mystery, a touch of the occult, and a deep connection to the primal and emotional aspects of human existence. It’s a place where the audience can explore their own inner thoughts and feelings, guided by the sonic landscapes I craft. Ultimately, the world I aim to create during my performances is a journey of emotions, a journey that leaves a lasting impact and takes the audience on a transformative and unforgettable experience.

What’s next for you? What are you most looking forward to?
What’s next for me is an exciting journey of continued exploration and creativity. I’m most looking forward to pushing the boundaries of my music, delving deeper into the dark and mystical themes that inspire me. I’m working on new productions and collaborations that will take my sound to new heights. Additionally, I’m eager to connect with even more audiences and share my music with a wider range of listeners. Live performances are a big part of my vision, and I’m excited to bring my immersive and emotionally-charged sets to new places and audiences around the world. Overall, I’m most looking forward to the endless possibilities that music offers and the opportunity to continue evolving as an artist, exploring new territories, and creating experiences that resonate deeply with people.

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