News: Amberian Dawn veröffentlichen am 10.11. neues Album

Amberian Dawn melden sich am 10. November mit ihrem neuen Album Darkness of Eternity zurück. Textlich erzählen die Finnen immer wieder faszinierende Fantasy-Geschichten. Mittlerweile gibt es einen Track aus ihrem kommenden Album zu sehen:

Amberian Dawn Mastermind Tuomas Seppälä gibt einen tieferen Einblick in „I’m the one“:
„‚I’m the one‘ was one of the latest compositions for new album. After writing a couple of softer songs in fall 2016 I got a new “heavy wave” and probably three latest songs I wrote were quite heavy. The song is very hectic and pushes forward like a train. There’s no solo part on this song (a solo would have been a quite obvious call). Instead of that I wrote an instrumental part and an extra vocal part. Last vocal part’s melody and chord pattern supporting it consists of just one really long phrase … this kind of long phrasing was typical in many classical compositions. I still haven’t got rid of my roots in classical music :)”

Capri erzählt uns mehr zur Geschichte des Songs:
“This is a story about very charismatic and socially intelligent people who speak with the finest words to make other people do what they want in their quest for their own pleasure. They do not care about the consequences or how to violate the feelings of others. They only think of themselves. Unfortunately the pressure in the group is generally enormous and all its members are behind the strongest individual hoping to be „the chosen one“.”

Mit der ohrenbetäubenden Dramaturgie von Sängerin Capri ist ihre achte Platte Darkness of Eternity mit unglaublichen Fanfaren gespickt. Ihr letzter Track „Maybe“ ist hier zu sehen.

Darkness of Eternity könnt ihr euch unter vorbestellen.

I’m the one
Sky is falling
Golden coins
Luna my darling
Breathe again
Symphony Nr. 1 part 2 – Darkness Of Eternity

Amberian Dawn Line-up:
Tuomas Seppälä – Keyboard & Guitar
Capri – Vocals
Emil Pohjalainen – Guitar
Jukka Hoffren – Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho -Drums

(Quelle: Napalm Records)