skalmoeld_0“You can never go wrong in this world when it comes to sexuality, gender, belief, skin colour, nationality, taste in music or pretty much anything else, as long as you are being yourself. You are only wrong when you are being an asshole.”

Dieses klare Statement gibt es ab sofort auf den brandneuen Skálmöld-T-Shirts zu lesen!
Die isländischen Pagan Metaller haben damit ganz klar die Meinungen gespalten und sorgen im Internet für mächtig Furore. Diskriminierung und negative Vorurteile stehen jedoch selbst anno 2015 leider noch an der Tagesordnung, sodass diese Message unbedingt gehört werden muss!

Skálmöld über T-Shirts, Arschlöcher und ihre klare Botschaft:
“When we first changed our Facebook profile to the gay colours it was around the Icelandic Gay Pride Weekend last year. Then we did it just for fun, to show love and respect for the gay community and just to wish them a good time over the celebration. Maybe we were just a bit naive or something, but the wave of hatred that followed surprised us. Of course there was always at least 1.000 cool people for each idiot, but that is just way to much anyway. Our real fans reacted beyond fantastic and that made us very proud knowing what kind of people you guys are.

So, when the USA finally legalised gay marriage the other day we felt like we had to do our share and we symbolised that in this t-shirt. We got of course 99.9% positive reaction but sadly some people are still idiots. Then again some people have real arguments like: “Why would you want to mix your music and your band up with politics?” And that is worth discussing. But the thing is, this has nothing to do with politics. The right to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do is a matter of human rights and that rises high above politics. Since I believe the majority of people reading this are metalheads I have a simple sample for you:

Heavy Metal is a radical thing and many dislike it. But we like it, we love it and we breathe it. How would you feel if someone would forbid you to listen to and play Metal? Just some stranger you don’t know and he/she would even make it punishable by the law. Now, multiply this though by a thousand and you might have a slight idea what it is not be accepted because of your sexuality, race, skin colour, nationality or what else.

We, the Skálmöld boys, we are not some radical and politically thinking dudes, far from it. But we have zero tolerance for idiots and that t-shirt is our statement regarding that.”

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