Die kanadische Band Psyche existiert seit den Achtzigern, die Musiker rund um Frontmann Darrin Huss kommen anlässlich des Dark Munich Festivals vom 30. April bis 3. Mai 2015 nach München. Zur Einstimmung haben sie sich aber trotzdem die Zeit genommen, unsere Fragen zu beantworten:

Who is behind Psyche?
Psyche is myself Darrin Huss, and keyboarder Stefan Rabura since around 2006. Originally started with my brother Stephen Huss in the 80’s, but due to his illness, I have made some albums and toured with other members
David Kristian: The Influence (1989/90)
Per Anders Kurenbach: Strange Romance (1986), Love among the Ruined (1998) and The 11th Hour (2005)
Remi Szyszka: The Hiding Place (2001), Endangered Species (2002), Babylon Deluxe (2003) and The 11th Hour (2005).

If you had to put your music into a drawer and print a label on it, what would it say?
Dark Synthpop is what we’re usually defined with. That’s fairly accurate.

In May 2015 you will visit Munich for the Dark Munich Festival. What do you know about Munich and the Bavarian audience?
We have played in Munich occasionally, but unfortunately not as often as other areas of Germany. Our last show was as a surprise opener for Nitzer Ebb at Backstage in 2010! I think the Bavarian audience tends more to the EBM/Industrial side of the scene.

Have you ever visited the Bavarian capital? And if so, what stuck in your memory? Which sights or attractions would you like to see or can you recommend to your colleagues and visitors of DMF?
Yes, but other than dancing at a special Dark Wave party after our show, and having drinks with Douglas McCarthy somewhere I can’t remember beyond that it was open until 5 in the morning and still served dinner, I haven’t really seen “the sights“, so I’m not a good tour guide at all!


Psyche Tour Brisbane 07


What can we expect from your gig at DMF?
We will be introducing some new material, our first in 10 years! Plus our classics such as “The Brain Collapses”, “Unveiling The Secret”, and as always “Goodbye Horses” will be played.

What will be next for you: Tour? Recording? Time off? Or rather something completely different?
At the moment I am recording, but I think the new album will be not released until October. I have several guest vocal, collaborations, and remix appearances being released throughout the year.

Thank you for the interview! Any final words you want to tell your fans in Bavaria?
For our fans, get ready for some great new sounds, and those who aren’t familiar with Psyche, we hope we will become your new favorite band after you see us!

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