Wir stellen euch diese Woche Binary Creed aus dem schönen Schweden vor. Seit 20.05.24 ist ihr neues Album Leash of noise draußen, ein Mix aus Power- und Progressive Metal. Stefan Rådlund hat kurz und knackig unsere Fragen beantwortet.

Who is behind Binary Creed ?
Stefan Rådlund

Forget about genres for a second – Binary Creed’s music sounds like …? 

Which sort of mood produces the best songs?
Happy moods

Which person, artist or incident inspired you when you first started making music?
Gary Moore

The Fairy-Godmother pops up in front of you and grants you a wish. What do you wish for?
That we get some peace and quiet on earth.

No alcohol is no solution either. What booze combination will definitely dissolve all your troubles and issues?
My problems are not solved with alcohol

Who was the hero of your childhood?

What is the most embarrassing/surprising record on your CD-shelf?
I don’t have anyone that I find embarrassing *smiles*.

What’s next? Tour? Studio? Vacation? Something completely different?
Vacation Roadtrip Europe




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