Diese Woche wagen wir den Blick über den Tellerrand in Richtung Russland, genauer gesagt nach Moskau. 2012 wurde die Heavy Metal Band Imperial Age gegründet, die sich auch die Einflüsse aus dem Symphonic Metal zu Nutze machen. Außerdem ist die Combo im April auf Tour durch Großbritannien. Ihr aktuelles Video zu ihrer neuen Single „The legacy of Atlantis“ wurde komplett über eine Crowdfunding-Aktion finanziert. Die beiden Gründungsmitglieder Jane und Aor haben uns Rede und Antwort gestanden.

Who is behind Imperial Age?
The two leaders of Imperial Age are Alexander “Aor” Osipov and Jane “Corn” Odintsova. They are both singers and songwriters, though Aor writes most music and all the lyrics.

If you had to put your music into a drawer and print a label on it, what would it say?
Aor: ‘Imperial Age’
Jane: IA

Forget about genres for a second – Imperial Ages music sounds like …?
Bigger-than-life majestic and solemn Heavy Metal with three singers, full choir and symphony orchestra.

Which sort of mood produces the best songs?
We have different moods in our songs, but the common motive is probably the desire to go above and beyond in the spiritual sense of the phrase.
Jane: Every sort of mood can produce the ‘best’ song. It depends only on the mind which is experiencing one or another mood. Take two people, lead them both in the same mood – one will compose the greatest hit and the other will tell that he/she has no mood for composing. Our songs are written under different moods.

Which instrument will surely NEVER be heard on a Imperial Age-album?
Aor: Opossum farts. All the rest is discussible.
Jane: I wouldn’t be so strict as Aor. Everything is possible even opossum farts and koala’s breathing.

Which record would you want to listen to when you leave the bathroom in the morning, while the beautiful girl/handsome boy from last night is still in your bed?
Aor: Dimmu Borgir – Blessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny. It’s an excellent wake-up call.
Jane: Never listen to music in the morning.

The Fairy-Godmother pops up in front of you and grants you a wish. What do you wish for?
The Powers of Gods

No alcohol is no solution either. What booze combination will definitely dissolve all your troubles and issues?
Aor: Craft cherry beer and dry red wine.
Jane: Wine. Dry red wine.

What shows you that someone is a true friend?
Aor: Loyalty: In public they support us even when we are wrong, but in private they are brutally honest about everything.

Who was the hero of your childhood?
Aor: Darth Vader
Jane: Xena (not because of her fighting abilities but she had a horse).

What is the most embarrassing/surprising record in your CD-shelf?
Aor: I can’t be embarrassed or surprised due to the fact that I do not possess a CD shelf …
Jane: O Clone TV series soundtrack

Whats next? Tour? Studio? Vacation? Something completely different?
New videos, tour, new album, tour, tour, tour, tour, vacation, tour, tour, tour.