Die schwedische Band A Projection begeisterte uns nicht nur mit ihren letzten Alben, sondern auch mit einem absolut fesselnden Konzert kürzlich im Backstage München (hier). Mit dem aktuellen Album präsentieren sich A Projection „In a different light“ – mit einer stärkeren Präsenz von Synthesizern  und einem dunklen tanzbaren Sound,  der von Rikard Tengvalls eindringlichen Gesang begleitet wird. 


© Lanna Olsson

Sänger Rikard hat unsere Fragen beantwortet, und wir freuen  uns, dass wir euch A Projection als Band der Woche vorstellen können:

How did the project come into being? What made you decide to start A Projection?
Rikard: Me and Amos, who started the group, had both liked post punk for quite a while and the time, a bit before 2013, felt right (I had just left another band) so I put an ad up, which Amos answered.

Can you tell us a few things about the connection between you four and your journey into music?
Rikard: After me and Amos had made a couple of songs we searched for new members. We became a full, 5-piece band, including me, Linus and Jesper. Then some left the group and Gustav joined. And there we are. We all come from different backgrounds and are pretty much the kind of artists now as when we started. Maybe with the exception of me, who started out as the group’s bassist and had to take over the mic when the former singer Isak Eriksson left the group.

If you had to describe your music in terms other than music, what would you say?
Rikard: A movement from silence, through the pain of being, to the thrill of forgetting existence via sounds, beats and dance. A projection that started inside of us but now exists in its own right.

Forget about genres for a second – A Projection`s music sounds like …
Rikard: Well, there is a development. I would say that it developed from a pretty classical and raw form, with electronical details, not caring too much about the listener, to something more readily available and guitar-based. On the latest album, though, we are taking a big step towards both 80’s and today’s synth-based music. Some things that have always been there is the high tempos, the emphasis on vocal harmonies, the untamed upbeat style, the dance-readiness and, of course, the darkness.


© Sabine Thiele

What are your first musical memories? When did you first fall in love with sound?
Rikard: My parents got me when they were 19 and 17, and my daddy was a music freak so there was always a lot of music played in our little student apartment. The first thing I remember actively listening to, though, was Beatles, who were my favorite band between the ages of 4 and 9.

Which person, artist, or incident inspired you when you first started making music?
Rikard: From a young age, it was definitely Beatles. But it was not until me and some friends started to listen to Joy Division and The Cure that we seriously started to write songs. Partly because what they played looked so simple on videos. But mostly because, well we could think of nothing better in the world than to make music like that.

What impact do your surroundings have on your music?
Rikard: Hmm … Good question. As kids, we used to play quite a bit in industrial areas. Maybe that did impact me. I always feel at peace when I am in surroundings like that, and when I want to relax I often envision closed down industries and such. But I think it is more the music and the videos I hear/watch, that I carry with me (unfortunately together with a lot of anger and darkness). As long as I carry that inside me, I really think that I could make the same music anywhere.

Which sort of mood produces the best song?
Rikard: These are good, but hard, questions. I think that a state of inspiration, preferably with some kind of idea where you are going, is the best. I hope you get what I mean if I say “the boy room feeling”, when you sit with your little guitar and your huge dreams. Then you can really plunge out into fantastic universes from your dull ledge.


© A Projection

How does the birth of a new composition happen for you? How does your compositional process work?
Rikard: It really varies. Anyone in the band can start a song at any time. Sometimes someone just comes up with a riff and sometimes with a whole song. But it is usually something in between. I am not sure how the others get their ideas but mine can come at any time, even when I am sleeping. Sometimes everything comes by itself and sometimes you really force songs out.

What is the most surprising record on your CD-/Vinyl-shelf?
Rikard: Personally, I am a sucker for traditional music from around the world, so I guess some of those albums would surprise people the most.

No alcohol is no solution either. What booze combination will definitely dissolve all your troubles and issues?
Rikard: In college we had a private bar, where they made a drink called “Ex killer” (Examination killer). It consisted of 2cl vodka, 2cl bacardi, 2 cl gin and 2 cl tequila, and it could solve anything! (Can’t recommend it though )

Which instrument will surely NEVER be heard on an A Projection track?
Rikard: Haha, “never say never”. Really, I think that probably all instruments can sound cool if you use them “correctly”, with some nice effects.


© Sabine Thiele

How would you describe the world you are trying to create during your performances?
Rikard: I’d describe it as “somewhere else” where you can rest or let loose as best fits you.

What’s next for you? What are you most looking forward to?
Rikard: Really don’t know …

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