Zur Einstimmung auf das diesjährige Wave-Gotik-Treffen unsere aktuelle Playlist für euch. Viel Spaß beim Reinhören.


Blanche Biau – This mess we’re in

Mila Mar – Mother

Abu Nein – Waste

Dancing Plague – Fading forms

Nürnberg ‎ – Biessensoŭnasć 

Years Of Denial – Wrong

Terence Fixmer – Test of the times  

SDH – Greedy



Rosa Anschütz – By gaining many somethings 

Lucina Soteira  – Die with my head held high

Anneke van Giersbergen – Let the light in

The Beauty of Gemina – When the night is back in me 

Estetica – Burnout

Rendez​-​Vous – The Others

Ashbury Heights – Ghosts electric 

Moran Magal – Always something 

Backworld – Isles of the Blest 

This Morn‘ Omina – People of the serpent 

AutopsiA – The laws are for the wicked 

Dive – Death Machine 

Maschinenkrieger KR52 – Halo

Emmon – Devils on your back

Strikkland – Enkelriktat

Orphx – Man of sorrows 

Aska – út við sundin grá i 

Use Knife – Sowieso F***ed 

Twin Noir – Ostkreuz

Klez.e – Erregung 

The Foreign Resort – Resound 

The Cemetary Girlz – The last kiss 

The Cassandra Complex – Mouth of Heaven 

Blitzkid – Love Like Blood

Agent Side Grinder – Jack Vegas 

Automelodi – Couloir néant 

Vanguard – Punches 

Vive La Fête – Pas changer 

A Projection – No Control 

CNVX – Eiskalt

Corde Oblique – Le piccole cose

Ausgang – Weight

Lene Lovich – Natural Beauty 

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch

Position Parall​è​le – H​ô​tel du Nord

AGNIS – Antipriest

Tragic Black – Nothing helps

Primordial – How it ends

Keep Of Kalessin – Katharsis 


Sirenia – Deadlight

Sex Gang Children -Sebastiane 

Knight$ – What`s your poison?

Dead Astronauts – Murder Hotel



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